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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

One man's trash...

"One man's trash is another man's treasure"... I am sure you have heard this saying many times over the years, just as I have. I never really believed this until recently though, and now I am a true believer. Let me explain...
Lately I have been making allot of homemade bread and only recently bought a bread maker with a gluten free cycle on it. It's not that I am too lazy to make my own  gluten free bread from scratch, it is just I am too impatient!
I love bread, homemade for sure, and going wheat/gluten free in the very beginning of my adventure was I admit, extremely tough for me. I had tried many store bought gluten free breads only to be disappointed, and a few dollars short, because most of them went in the garbage!
As a child we had home made bread and rolls for dinner every Friday evening, it was a part of my youth I will always remember. Even now I can remember the thrill of getting off the school bus and entering a world filled with the aroma of warm fresh baked bread. As a child my only job was to sit down at the dinner table and enjoy every bite I would put into my mouth. As a adult however, I not only have to weigh and measure the ingredients to make such a loaf, but have to figure out how to slice it evenly. The dilemma being, I needed a bread slicing guide!
I researched the web and read reviews on which was the best, or the least favorite, only to find that if I wanted a even uniform slice of tasty bread I was going to have to pay anywhere from $29.00 for a hand slicing guide and up to in the $1000's for a electric slicer. I did see one that I liked,  the Presto, only to find that  this particular slicer unfortunately is out of production. It had a  inclined angle which helps keep the bread firmly lodged for better slicing and you can make thick or thin slices. Just my luck!
Okay, so here is the real story. This weekend my daughter and her husband came for a visit. We love to go to second hand stores and find a bargain here and there. She, for slightly used clothes for the grandchildren. I myself like to browse the furniture and decor isles for items that I might be able to bring back to life for a more "green" living lifestyle.
While in the household isle my eyes drifted downward to the bottom shelf and caught the word "Presto" on a item on the shelf. It was white, odd looking and it took a moment or two before I realized it was the exact bread slicing guide I had been interested in on the web. I picked it up to investigate and found that it had only been slightly used and looked to be almost brand new. I could barely contain my excitement as my daughter rounded the corner! The best thing was the price tag....only $2.99.
So today as you can guess I will be making a loaf of fresh baked gluten free bread and trying out my "new" Presto bread slicing guide. If you are interested in finding a slightly used Presto guide for yourself you can visit Amazon or EBay as there are several for sale on both sites....Just not for $2.99!!!

Enjoy your day!

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