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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Correction to J&D's Bacon Salt Product review!

I stand corrected and wish to make a correction to my post about J&D's Bacon Salt products.  In my recent product review I stated that the Natural Bacon Salt was J&D's only gluten free product. ( I have made corrections to that post ) I was unaware that J&D's actually offered several other gluten free products in their line. They include: Bacon Ranch, Bacon Lip Balm, Regular BaconPOP, and Cheddar BaconPOP. 

Although they do not claim Baconnaise and Lite Baconnaise as "gluten-free", glutens are not included in their ingredients. The reason given for this is that it is manufactured in a facility that processes other foodstuffs that may contain glutens, however, the cleansing process I am assured is quite extensive.

I apologize to J&D's and to you my readers for this mistake on my part, and I promise to do more in depth research when reviewing products in the future. I am however happy to hear that there are several more products from which to choose for my "bacon" cravings in their line!

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