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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Weigh in week 7...

Wow...this week has been a roller coaster ride after returning from my visit with family. I had a Dentist appointment to have a tooth filled, and sitting in a Dentist chair is probably my least  favorite thing to do! I have  found a great Dentist, finally, but that still doesn't mean I like visits to his office...
Our washing machine went on the blink and was making a weird noise that sounded like a it was something from outer space so we had to have it repaired before I could catch up on dirty clothes from our trip. Thank goodness for extended warranties or it would have cost us just as much to repair our present machine as it would of to have just bought a new one. Go figure!!!
Anyway I am pretty excited about this weeks progress. Getting back on a fairly regular eating schedule after returning from our trip was pretty comforting, even with the few minor issues we encountered upon our return home.
I just want to add this little note before I post this weeks results....I was talking with my mother about my weight loss and how I was and wasn't progressing in some areas. She, as usual, falls back on stories of ..."when I"... She proceeded to tell me that she has always "held her stomach in", as she puts it. I want you to know that when I take my weekly measurements  I let it "all hang out" as my mother would phrase it. If I did indeed "hold it in" I could easily chop about 3 inches off my waist and stomach measurements, which would not be fair. So until I can find that perfect exercise to tighten those stomach muscles and shrink those two measurements you will be getting the " all hang out" version! Any exercise suggestions???????

Week 1:                       Week 7:
Weight  131.8               129.2
Waist     37"                  33 3/4"
Stomach 40"                 37"
Hips        38"                37 1/4"

I am still sleeping well and this week I noticed that areas of my body where I was having arthritis pain before  is almost virtually pain free. I also am allergic to dog dander and although my daughter we stayed with during our visit has a dog  I definitely did not get all stuffed up and irritated like I usually do. Hey...this really seems to be working for me!  Until next post...Happy wheat free living!

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