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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Week 5 weigh in...

Okay...Once again before I post my weekly progress chart I need to say a few words. My husband and I had company visiting all this past week so I guess you could say I had a few extra items I normally limit myself on  ( SWEETS ) but all in all I feel pretty good about most of my choices. Seems that when I  have company I go into a baking mode,  and this week was no exception as we indulged in apple and pumpkin pies.... My guests had no idea the crust on the pies was wheat/gluten free! Actually, if I wouldn't have made them, neither would have I...

In comparison:

Week 1 weigh in:                    Week 5 weigh in:

Weight   131.8                        Weight    130.2
Waist      37 "                          Waist       34 "
Stomach  40 "                          Stomach   37 1/2 "
Hips        38 "                           Hips        37 1/4 "

Now for the news that floored me!!!!! I have been literally "fighting" my doctor on the issue of taking a medication for high cholesterol for several years now, I hate taking medication unless it is a definite must do and so I promised to eat healthier, exercise and whatever else they would recommend to help bring down my numbers.
I gave up red meat totally a year ago...okay, I slipped a few times and always ended up with cramps and the diarrhea so I finally learnt my lesson on that one and stay away from any form of red meat. I also tried the soy thing for awhile and felt even worse as my hormones were everywhere but under control, on this plan my cholesterol when even higher, go figure!
Six months ago I had my cholesterol checked and kept the numbers on record. I have only been on the wheat free diet exactly 5 weeks today and last week I went in for my 3 month blood work. Not only has the numbers  for both my total cholesterol  and bad cholesterol totals come down 9 points each...but my good cholesterol number has gone up by 9 points....Now that is what I am talking about!!!
I am still sleeping soundly, feel like I have more energy and wake up ready to start the day! I will keep you posted on my next cholesterol reading in a few months.
So until my next post, have a wheat free day!!!

 I  only post results from my own personal experiences to share with youThe information provided herein should not be used for diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition. A licensed physician should be consulted for diagnosis and treatment of any and all medical conditions.

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